Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe

Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe
The final pro hockey game at the Spectrum has been played.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Phantoms at Binghamton Senators, 3-25-09: Third Period

As I suspected, we have spent most if the first three and a half minutes in our end, fending off Senators' attempts to get on the board. Now we are starting to get play into the neutral zone and, occasionally, into the other end. But Bingo really is pressing to get something going. They probably got an earful from their coach during the second intermission, particularly considering that the Phantoms forced them to turn over the puck more than any team would like to do during the first two periods of the game.

Fortunately, Munroe has been solid and we have been defensively responsible. The score remains 3-0.

Yiiiii, that time we had a scramble in front of our net and Munroe was down after making a save. But Kane and Sirianni managed to earn us an offensive-zone draw by forcing Glass to freeze the puck.

We are being outshot in this period 11-1, halfway through the frame. Did I mention that we would have to stand up to an early Senators onslaught? Which should only make life even more interesting, as we are about to go shorthanded,

Syvret and Guenin are out with Kane and Ross. We can't seem to clear the darn thing for love or money, and finally it comes back to bite us. Binghamton scores. 3-1, Phantoms.

It was former Flyer Denis Hamel's 500th career AHL point. He's good people, for sure, and that's an admirable milestone, but we really don't need to have Senators garnering points on us right about now. That was Bingo's 16th shot of the period and 34th of the game, so in other words they have sent nearly half their shots on our net in the first half or so of this period.

OK, we need to get the heck out of our zone, please... the amount of time we are spending on our side of our blue line is getting ridiculous. Ah, there goes Szwez. He just got our second shot on goal of the frame, compared to Binghamton's 17 pucks that they have sent in on Munroe in the past 16 minutes and change.

Nice D, Nate Guenin, as he runs over Mauldin. :) Leave it to Nasty Nate to imbed someone in the boards or the ice before the game is over.

Now with two minutes and change left, we are in the Senators' end and playing keep-away for as long as possible. When Bingo took the puck out, their goalie left with two minutes to go in the game. Empty net for the Senators with a minute and a half remaining and here we go again with the freaking PICTURE getting all jumpy. At least the audio is coming through.

There goes the final minute of the period announcement. All I am hearing are Binghamton players' names... till Syvret cleared the puck, thank goodness. GO GO GO Ross is trying to get the ENG -- he didn't score, but the clock ran out and we did win the game in regulation time.

Carkner is going after Ross for I Know Not What, however, and now Hamel is throwing haymakers into the giant conference going on behind the Phantoms net. The stupid picture is still looking like a slide show so it's hard to tell what triggered all this. Kane has no helmet on. Now Hamel is going after him and trying to get into a fight. Shoot, this game could turn into a two-sheeter after the whistle. Unreal that the game would wait until the end to boil over like that... on the other hand, this IS a playoff-level amount of pressure. Finally, everyone is pried away from everyone else and the teams leave the ice. (With a few pinheads who don't deserve to be called hockey fans throwing some items at the Phantoms. Dopes... there are a few nitwits in every arena.)

All three of the stars are Phantoms: #3 Ross, #2 Kalinski, #1 Munroe. NICE!

The Phantoms now trail the Senators by 6 points in the standings, and we have two games in hand.

Next up: a four-game homestand, three of which are coming up on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Go Phantoms!

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