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Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe
The final pro hockey game at the Spectrum has been played.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Phantoms vs. Bridgeport Sound Tigers 1-2-09: Second Period

No shots on goal took place during the remainder of our PP; nor, in fact, did a puck reach either goaltender during the first four minutes and 15 seconds of the second period. However, that's when we went on another PP, so I would hope that we take another shot at some point within the next couple of minutes. Matsumoto, Laliberte, Sirianni, Curry, and Syvret are out for our first shift. Man, Bridgeport's number 10 just blocked a shot with his right arm and he is in ALL kinds of pain, poor guy. But he's a hockey player and he's staying out. And, actually, at the end of that shift he's the one who rushed the puck for a shorthanded shot on goal I suspect he'll be sore later on, though.

Brigeport killed the penalty, but we did manage to get a couple of shots on goal during that time frame. So here's to us not having a lengthy shot-free span of the kind that we had in the first frame.

Munroe just made a nice stop, absorbing the puck that was fired at warp speed into his logo. We've had some rebounds come forth at both ends of the ice, but this shot didn't create one. Muny followed that with a few circus saves on the following shift, earning the song "Unbelievable" at the next stoppage of play. The team owes him a dinner for keeping the puck out during that scramble.

Um, OK, people, it's time to give Danis some saves to make again. He's just standing here since we took those shots during our previous PP. We have 11:09 left in the period, and he's had far too easy of a time. It's frustrating to see those times when we just can't seem to set up in the opposing zone. We haven't had as many of those yet tonight as we have had in rcent games, and I do chalk that up at least in part to the flu that was hitting the team and the key absences from our lineup. HOwever, from the spring in the team's step, it looks like a lot of our guys are well on the way to recovering from the flu, and the longer the same guys are out injured, the more used to our existing lineup we should be able to get.

Someone just went up the tunnel with equipment trouble, but I didn't see who it was. I guess I'll wait until he comes back out. :)

Ryan, skating into the Sound Tigers zone, just wound up to take a shot, only to see a Bridgeport defenseman who was backing in lie down on the ice, ready to block it, So he waited until he had someone else to center it to, and passed the puck.

TRIPPING -- and the ref sees it my way for once. A Sound Tiger just slid hmself along the ice and took Nodl's skates out from under him. We are on the PECOOOOO POWER PLY, ond I see Sean Curry is the guy who had the gear problems. He's just coming back up the tunnel even as I type. Maroon, Matsumoto, and Laliberte are out with DeSantis and Ratchuk.

Heh, the teams are at even strength, and the Sound Tiger who had intended to touch up the puck for icing on the Phantoms utterly missed the disk. We regained possession, eventually leading to a tripping call on Bridgeport and antoher PECOOOO POWER PLAY Maroon, Nodl, and Ross took the first PP shift. Once again, the first SOG during the penalty was a SH one by the Sound Tigers. However, Matsumoto is on hand to come charging up the ice with the puck, along with Laliberte and Sirianni, to try and get us set up to get some shots. Nope, no dice. The penalty is over and we are back down at the Phantoms end of the ice. The only SOG in that whole two minutes was the one the Sound Tigers took.

At the end of the second period, the score remains 1-0 in favor of the Phantoms, with the SOG being 15 for the Phantoms and 24 for Bridgeport.

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