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Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe
The final pro hockey game at the Spectrum has been played.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Phantoms vs. Worcester Sharks 1-14-09: Second Period

CLOD Lemieux... Oops, Claude Lemieux took a penalty early n the second period. The Phantoms proceeded to respond on this PP as we did on the previous three: with a goal. This time, Matsumoto did the honors, digging at a loose puck in the crease until it squeaked in at the post. I am extremely impressed at how the Phantoms are getting results tonight. It's not only Briere, though obviously, his presence is a big help. When he is on the ice, if he draws double coverage, then one of our other guys is left open. If he doesn't, then he has the speed and skill to do real damage. So far, given that his only point was a PP assist, but he was on the ice for three of our goals, he has been creating room for our other guys.

All right, make that FOUR of our goals. He just stole the puck about halfway through a Phantoms penalty kill, flew up the ice, and with one Dman back, fired the puck straight into the net. Freakin' beautiful play! :) It's kind of nice to think that even when we are shorthanded, the Sharks might have to pay more attenton to keeping him OFF the the scoreboard than on their regular PP system.

Clackson just got into a fight with McEwen that was a LONG tilt, and I mean LONG. It was a lot of wrestling, but Clackson got in a few nice lefts here and there, particularly toward the end. Instantly after the ensuing faceoff, Klotz and McLaren also went, and this time it was a relatively lengthy bout, though ot quite so protraced as its predecessor, that was highly active; there were some heavy-duty fisticuffs being thrown on both sides. Klotz looked a little bloodied on his way up the tunnel, but I couldn't tell where the damage actually was so I'm hopping it's no worse than minor dents and dings. I can't really give a win in either bout, but I tip my cap to all four gladiators for having a lot of staying power.

Ah, shazbot, there goes the shutout. With 6:29 remaining, the score is now 6-1, Good Guys. I noticed that the next line that came onto the ice, following the goal-against, was the Briere line. I'd say we should go for getting that goal back, but that would almost be bad sportsmanship, given the lopsided score. (On the other hand, if we see things like Ross bring down a rain of headgear, I won't object a bit. :D

Whoa, Rob Bellamy just got SERIOUSLY blatantly hauled down during an attack. Patrick Traverse, the ex-Bear, gets to go to box and feel shame. Szwez, Beaulieu, Sirianni, Ratchuk, and Curry are on the PP... That's a combo we don't normally see as a PP unit. Looks like Paddock is giving some special-teams time to players who are less likely to see ice time with the man advantage.

Beans, Szwez just went up the tunnel with the trainer in tow. Freakin' heck, I hope it's not too bad. Speaking of guys who've undergone in-game repair work, Klotz is back on the bench.

HERE COME THE HATS, Rossco just put in the third one! Assists to DeSantis and Nodl. :)

And just think -- we still have a little of this period and the entire third period, left to go. The Sharks need to stay out of the box... I don't think that Worcester has kiled a penalty yet.

Then again, now we are killing a penalty of our own. Maroon has gone to the sin bin, and we will have 1:24 more PK time remaining at the start of the third period.

At the end of the second period, the Phantoms lead 7-1, and the SOG tally is Phantoms 19, Sharks 27.

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