Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe

Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe
The final pro hockey game at the Spectrum has been played.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Phantoms at Albany River Rats, 4-8-09; Third Period, OT, and Shootout

We started the first minute or so defending in our zone, to the point where I had to sit here and count the players to make sure that we were not on the PK. We are at 5 on 5.

Albany gets hit by the Delay of Game rule, giving us our third PP of the game. I would like to see our PP make a bit more noise on offense than we've done so far. Albany keeps finding ways to clear the puck out before we can really get set up.

Bingo/Syracuse is now at 2-2, as we are.

NICE steal by Matsumoto, once we are back at even strength, but once again Albany clears the puck before we can get set up in their end. At this rate, we are going to have to score right off a rush instead of getting set up and cycling. Which will be challenging if we don't get the heck out of our end. Warring with Albany in the neutral zone, as we have been doing, won't help much either.

Now we're waiting through a promo timeout for a neutral-zone draw. Kalinski tried to roof the puck, but it went out of play. Hence, the draw. We succeed in getting Peters to freeze the puck for an offensive draw, but we don't create chances from that. In this period, Albany has so far gotten the better of the chances.

HAHAHA, thank you Jon Kalinski for making a fibber out of me! So help me, he scored just as I was typing the above paragraph. LMHO, good job! Kukkonen put the puck on net and Kalinski fired the rebound home. Our announcer believes that JVR should get the secondary assist, but it appears to have been credited to someone else (Syvret, whom our announcer doesn't believe was on the ice at the time). 3-2 Phantoms, with just under 10 minutes remaining in the period!

Guenin blocks a shot. :) If there is a shots-blocked-per-game stat, Guenin surely leads the team, if not the league, in that category.

Someone needs to sit on Petruzalek... I am hearing his name an awful lot on this shift. He keeps passing the puck to other River Rats for scoring chances.

Peters robs Maroon twice. Both goalies are playing for keeps in these past few minutes. However, flipping Albany deflected a puck off our defenseman Bartulis and into the net to tie the game at 3-3. :headdesk: Drat.

We have 1:14 left in the period. Still 3-3. Syracuse has taken a 3-2 lead over Binghamton. GO CRUNCH! Their game has 6 minutes and change remaining, so the Crunch will have to hang onto their lead a bit.

We, meanwhile, are waiting through a Albany timeout to faceoff in their end.. AAA Peters makes an incredible save and hangs on for another offensive zone draw. We get some great opportunities but so far but Peters answered them all.

With under 5 seconds remaining, we get another faceoff in front of Peters. There goes the horn. We are going into OT, so we have gained a point out of this game so far. We lead in shots 40-29.

Come on, Phantoms -- we NEED THIS SECOND POINT. Let there be a purple-clad hero and let it be soon!

Ross/Sirianni are our first two forwardsm with Syvret and probably Guenin.

Laliberte and Matsumoto with Kukkonen and Bartulis are next. Curry/Ratchuk are with JVR and Kalinski.

We are at least halfway into the OT. Still 3-3. There is less than a minute remaining in Syracuse/Bingo and Syracuse is still ahead. PHOOEY, no they're not -- Bingo tied it with 4 seconds left and sent it into OT. So they are at 3-3 also.

Meanwhile, we spent most of the final minute buzzing around the River Rats net. No dice. Albany tried to return the favor in the waning seconds of the OT, but they were equally unsuccessful and we are going to a shootout.

Yet again, I feel compelled to mention that I BLEEPING LOATHE SHOOTOUTS. Just so you know.
Freaking Binghamton won. So we HAVE to win to stay ahead of the Senators.

Albany -- no
ROSS -- no 0-0
Albany -- no
SIRIANNI -- no 0-0
Albany -- no
MATSUMOTO -- YES Phantoms lead 1-0 after 3 rounds
Albany -- no
LALIBERTE -- no still 1-0
Albany -- yes so 1-1
MAROON -- no

At the end of five rounds, we are 1-1,

Albany -- yes

Albany -- yes
ROSS -- YES 3-3

Albany -- yes

Albany -- yes

*%&#$@!!!!. We lose in the 9th round of the shootout. We are even in the standings with Binghamton.

Our next two games are on Friday vs. Hershey at home, and Saturday in Hershey. Binghamton's final two games are vs. Norfolk and Albany. We have the tougher road, but I am hoping that we will have extra determination going for us due to the fact that our stakes are higher. If Hershey loses, they might get a lower playoff seed. If we lose and miss the playoffs, not only is our season finished, so is our TEAM.


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