Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe

Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe
The final pro hockey game at the Spectrum has been played.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Phantoms at Norfolk Admirals, 4-3-09; Second Period

Nuts. About a minute into the second period, we have a scramble at the Phantoms' net that appears to have put the puck into our net when one of our players slid into the net and the puck was under *him*.The end result is that the score is tied at 1 goal apiece.

We came close to regaining the lead on the following shift, with a feisty sequence in front of Norfolk's net, but this time the puck stayed out. It's still 1-1.

I am not liking the number of chances Norfolk has been getting in the past few minutes. We withstood an early onslaught in the first, and I would like to see us not only do so again, but start providing some onslaught material of our own.

Here comes a PECOOOO POWER PLAY for the Phantoms. I like the opportunities we are generating, but for the fact that the darn Ads' D has been on the ball with clearing rebounds before we can cash them in. I would love to see us start to go in for the kill during this man advantage.

The PP is over, but we are still cycling the puck in the Norfolk end. I am having a hard time seeing (on the computer screen) if one of our guys is missing a stick, as Norfolk finally gets hold of the puck and carries it out. The Phantoms respond with a LONG pass up to JVR -- not unlike the kind of play he was preparing himself for during Wednesday's game. The most we could make of our next opportunities on goal was an offensive-zone draw, however.

Oh here we go with the feed getting choppy. First it was both the video and audio, but then the audio returned to normal. Fortunately, within a minute, so did the video. Sort of. The video is coming and going.

We have an Admiral who appears to be down for the count in the Norfolk end. He had tripped Matsumoto, no call, shortly before, but the problem is that we couldn't see on screen what happened when the play started to head up ice toward the Phantoms side. There was no replay. Fortunately, the player, Kinrade, did eventually get helped to his feet and headed up the tunnel with the trainer in tow.

We are getting ready to go on the PK again, Josh Gratton heads off for elbowing with about three minutes remaining in the period.

Fortunately, OUR D has been religious about getting to rebounds first at OUR net. Because that's what saved our necks during this very active PK that we just had. The score remains 1-1 late in the second period. And that is how the period ends.

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