Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe

Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe
The final pro hockey game at the Spectrum has been played.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Phantoms vs. Albany River Rats 1-31-09: Third Period

The River Rats killed their remaining penalty time, after which we were assesed a penalty at the 1:03 mark. Kane went off for hooking. Munroe started the PK off with a NICE save. Shortly thereafter, Raduns took the puck down and got a SH scoring chance.

We did kill the penalty, but I would like to see us start spending more time in the Rats' end. Like right now, for instance, when Clackson is getting in the face of an Albany Dman who's standing between him and the Rats' goaltender. :) Yeah, that's more like it. Go get 'em.

Syvret appears to have blocked a shot with his leg. He appears to be sore, but he's staying out there. He's the player who has the other A, along with Ross. While the ref sorted out a little scrum in front of the Phantoms bench, Syvret skated around to get his leg back in gear. When the dust cleared, the Phantoms were on the PECOOOO POWER PLAY. Whoooa, Muny, that clearing pass was a liiiitle too close to the oncoming River Rats forward for my liking. Eek. But all's well that ends well, and we did get the puck out without mishap. Ratchuk proceeded to stand a guy up at our blueline. "Terminate with extreme prejudice", I believe they call it. :) The only darn issue is that we spent more time in our own end or trying to get set up in the Albany end than anything else during that man advantage. Oh, drat, this is not what we wanted -- the Albany player coming out of the box got the puck and has a clear shot on goal. Munroe stops it and sweeps the rebound back into the corner, out of danger.

But somehow on our way to get out of the zone, a Rat wound up fat on the ice and Bartulis wound up in the sin bin for interference. We are now battling with the River Rats PP unit, who are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Munroe to try to tie the game. So far, we have only allowed two shots on net, having blocked a few others. Nice clear by Kane, and on the next Albany attack, Syvret's hard work made an Albany player shoot way wide, after driving him to such a sharp angle that he was unlikely to get it on net anyway.

Nine minutes remain in the period, and there is a giant scrum in our crease. IN our crease, I say, and somehow the puck wound up in the net. The ref is signaling "Goal", to the vigorous disagreement of the 9,720 Phantoms Phaithful. 1-1 with 8:55 left in the period. SOG are ALbany 24, Phantoms 22. (We were up 22-21 before that Bartulis penalty.)

Boy, are we having a tough time clearing this flipping puck. Finally Ross just RUSHes the thing out, and that seems to work nicely as we're currently cycling in the Albany end. Unfortunately, none of the puck movements were netward, and the River Rats came back to visit Munroe for a spell.

Shoot. For the first time in eons, the freaking Rats have put TWO goals in on Scott Munroe in the course of one game. Drat 'em. It's now 2-1 Albany with 4:40 remaining in the thrd. Now it's time for US to start hammering away at Albany the way they have done to us all period long. SOG: Albany 28, Phantoms 25.

Whoa, some hit! Sirianni just about put a River Rat through the boards into Keith Jones's lap. Nice check.

With a minute and change left, Munroe is out and we have Ross, Kane, Laliberte, Ratchuk, Syvret, and Matsumoto on the ice. Matsy is digging HARD at the puck n the crease, causing a scrum as the River Rats object to seeing their goalie getting bopped by Matsumoto's stickblade. At the ensuing stoppage of play, with 30.3 seconds remaining, the Phantoms call timeout. SOG Albany 28, Phantoms 27. Another multi-skater battle royale ensues behind the Albany net with 7.1 seconds remaining. Raduns takes the draw with Matsumoto, Laliberte, Maroon, Syvret, and Ross out. But time is not our friend, and the Rats hang on to win 2-1.

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