Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe

Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe
The final pro hockey game at the Spectrum has been played.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Phantoms vs. Bridgeport Sound Tigers 2-8-09: Second Period

Hee hee hee... Clackson has ways of getting under the opponents' skin even when he's not fightng. For example, he just jammed on the brakes and sprayed a bunch of snow all over the Sound Tigers goalie. Wise-aleck kid. :)

SCOOOORE: Syvret blasts one in from the top of the slot! Maroon and Matsumoto assisted. NICE shot! IT's 3"42 into the period, and the shot clock reads Phantoms 17, Sound Tigers 9.

Ah, boooo, the first penalty of the game is called, and it's on Laliberte for cross-checking. Phantoms Phans beg to differ. ;) Raduns, Kane, Guenin, nd Syvret are our first P grouping. GREAT SAVE MUNY with a Sound Tiger standing right in front of his face. Matsumoto and Beaulieu are out with Curry and Bartulis. On the next shift, Kane went DIVING to get to a puck that was headed for the Bridgeport zone, taking out the nearest Sound Tiger into the bargain.

After the teams returned to even strength, it looked for a moment like Clackson and Morency were going to go, but then Clackson rejoned the play. Curry, however, took the opportunity to nail Morency with a check when the puck heded his way. Methinks Morency is makng a pest of himself if he's got TWO of our guys gunning for im. Hwever, I can see where with ony a one-goal lead, we would want to take his name and number and get back to him later.

We haven't goten much on goal since we scored... The SOG are now Phantoms 18 Sound Tigers 15, with 9:03 left in the period. Curry nearly made me eat my words with a wraparound attempt -- we did get a shot on goal, but Lawson read the play and hugged the post. The offensive flurry got interrupted when Laliberte's stick broke. DRAT with breaking sticks, that's the second time tonight that someone's stick went kaput at a critical time.

Lawson left a big rebound twice, and twice Matsumoto was right there to try and take advantage of it, but Sound Tigers defenders were also right there to prevent him from getting much on the shot. WHOA now Bellamy, Raduns, and Kane are getting attempts on goal... We only got credited for one shot in that flurry but I assure you that at least two of those attempts reached Lawson. But with the crowd in front of the net, it must have been hard to see that from wherever the official sits.

Yep, Morency is making a nuisance of himself. Curry just dropped the gloves and challenged him, and they had at it. I would give Morency the win on that one.

Phooey. Guenin goes to the sin bin for slashing, AND we have Maroon limping in the tunnel trying to walk off whatever it was that stings him. He and the trainer went up the tunnel... Wth less than three minutes remaining in the period, it's not worth rushing him back onto the ice.

Meanwhile back on the PK, Nate Raduns broke his FREAKING stick and is stuck out there because the second period is when the players have to skate a mile and a half to get to the freaking bench. Finally, Munroe froze the puck and we could get a line change. Oh, what IS it with these STICKS in the past two games?! My NERVES.

BLAST it. We had returned to even strength, but finally the consequences of being stuck in our end for minutes on end caught up to us. Bridgeport scored with 59.5 seconds remaining in the period. Crud. 1-1. SOG are even at 23-23.

And with the period over, the score and SOG remain even at 1-1, 23-23.

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