Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe

Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe
The final pro hockey game at the Spectrum has been played.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Phantoms vs. Bridgeport Sound Tigers 2-8-09: First Period

Our scratches are Nodl and Szwez (who said yesterday he might be back as soon as Wednesday). Therefore, Klotz is in today's lineup. I'm glad to hear it. Hersley is also in the lineup.

Our starters are Matsumoto, Laliberte, Maroon, Bartulis and DeSantis.

Klotz lined up Wotton for a big check on his first shift on the ice. :) He's baaack.

Five minutes into the game, with very few stoppages of play so far, the SOG are Sound Tigers 2 Phantoms 0. Not bad, given that we spent a lot of time in our end during those first five minutes.

Kane, Bellamy, and Raduns are our second line. Clackson, Sirianni, and Ryan are the third line, and Klotz, Beaulieu, and Hersley are the fourth line.

Our D pairs are Guenin/Syvret, Bartulis/DeSantis, and Curry/Ratchuk

A somewhat-too-vigorous attempt to crash the Phantoms net resulted in Scott Munroe being bowled over backward; this resulted in a ten-skater shoving match at our crease, but no penalties resulted.

Ratchuk fed Sirianni wth a nice pass, resulting in al three of our forwards crashing the net, but no goal resulted. If we keep that up, though, we will be in good shape.

Kane is out with Bealieu and Klotz, and they did a nice job of crashing the net -- and literally crashing a Sound Tiger defender. No penalty resuted from that, either.

I see Mitch Fritz, who looks about 9 feet tall compared to the linesman he's talking to, is on the ice. Our top ine is out, though, so I'm not exoecting to see a fight just now.I do see Maroon makng an attempt to both hit Fritz and prevent him from reaching a loose puck first.

Brdgeport came charging into our end whie we were on a line change. They were carrying the puck up the far boards, but Ratchuk managed to get all the way across and disrupt an attempt to shoot on our goal. Nice hustle, Mike.

We have done a great job of creating offensive opportunities for ourselves so far. With 7:08 left in the period, the SOG are Phantoms 8, Bridgeport 7. Laliberte and Maroon just did a great job of stripping a Sound Tiger of the puck and going in on an odd man rush. Lawason kept the puck out, but still, I like seeing our guys beng alert enough to take advantage of the opponent's mental lapses. (Note to self: take a look and see if this is the same Lawson that used to play for Hershey.)

Syvret's stick broke, and Beaulieu gave his to the defender. Meanwhile, Nate Guenin blocked a shot. :) Did I mention how nce it is to type that phrase in again?

GREAT job by Munroe, sweeping aside the breakaway s hot by Bentivoglio! Sybret was hounding Bentioglio from behind but not so blatantly that it would cost us a penalty or a penalty s hot.

Speaking of which, it's the last minute of the first period and we hae not seen an infraction called yet against either team. Jeff Smth is letting the teams play.

At the first intermission, the SOG are Phantoms 10, Sound Tigers 8.

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