Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe

Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe
The final pro hockey game at the Spectrum has been played.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Phantoms vs. Hershey Bears 2-6-09: Third Period

Hooray, Nodl is on the bench to start the third perod. Not that we need to lose any guys, but we certainly don't need to lose a top line forward in a game wbere we are desperate for offense.

Hersley is stting next to the D again, but next to him are Bellamy and Ryan, whom I believe are the fourth ine tonight. So maybe he is either filling in on forward, or is going to fill in as needed either at forward or D.

The Bears fan next to me said that Machesne, the Hershey goalie, is recently back from a lengthy absence due to an injury. So at least we are on even ground with the "goalie was out for weeks" situation. Who told these guys they're allowed to get hurt anyway? I keep saying that's forbidden, but these teams don't seem to listen. ;)

We are ten seconds away from kiling a tripping penalty to Boyd Kane, and am glad to say we have not let up a shot while shorthanded this time around. It's good to see our PK get it done lke that. Just after we got Kane back, bellamy stripped a Bear of the puck in our end and off he went... Unfortunately, they turned us back at the neutral zone and too it back in front of Aubin This line has been out a long time, and they need a change.

Matsumoto's line is up next, and they are headed over to pay Machesney a visit. Amadio and one other Bear are DRAPED on Maroon, but he gets it down to the net anyway. Not that we got credited with a SOG. Nor did we get credited with one over the next few minutes, regardless of what the opportunities appeared to be from this end of the ice.

With 8:34 remaining and the SOG Phantoms 13, Bears 30, Machesney is taking advantage of a stopage in play to do stretches. He looks like he's doing a pregame stretching routine, so maybe we HAVEN'T sent a puck his way in a while.

We are bearing down now, no pun intended, and it shows. We are spending more time at least getting set up in front of Machesney, even if we aren't cyclng t he puck for any great length of time. THERE. Our fourteenth shot on goal. At last. Right before play ended up with two or three players, including Aubin, in our net. Fortunately, the puck was about the ony thng on the ice left OUTSIDE the net when all was said and done.

This ended up with a fight between Beaulieu and Beagle. I guess Beau is cleared to fight, lol, or if not he's disregarding the advice and having at Beagle anyway.

Arsene gets two for unsportsmanline, Beagle gets five for fighting. Beaulieu gets roughing, fighting and a ten minute misconduct (WTH?) So there's no PP and Beaulieu is done for the night, as there isn't enough time left in the game for him to resume playing after serving the minutes.

Machesney just STONED freakin' Syvret. Dang. Ryan got the original shot, and the rebound went to Syvret, who let loose with a bomb from the point. Drat, I really did think we were on the verge of tying the game.

NICE keep-in Matsumoto. He took one for the team to preent the puck from exiting at the point.

These Bears do a lot of stick-checking. They have smacked a lot of sticks off our blades in this game. They just did it again to Maroon/Laliberte before they could get out of our zone. However, once we did get down to Hershey's end, the Bers iced it with 3:16 left. SOG Phantoms 17, Bears 34.

Guenin blasts one from the top of the slot into traffic, but it gets deflected into the faceoff circle well before it gets anywhere near the net. Machesney nearly bobbled Laliberte's shot, but he managed to corral it just well enough to set it down outside his crease.

The more's the pity that the near-miss didn't go in, because with 1:27 left, the Bears increased their lead to 5-3. We never pulled the goaltender -- there was no real need to, down by two goals with a minute and change remaining.

Nodl is the third star of the game, but the first two stars are, not surprisingly, from Hershey. Next game is on Sunday, vs. Bridgeport, and it's Photo Night.

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