Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe

Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe
The final pro hockey game at the Spectrum has been played.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Phantoms at Norfolk Admirals 12-27-08: First Period

I have the Flyers game on TV, and the Phantoms gamecast on my laptop. We're still waiting for the Phantoms game to begin, but the Flyers game is already in progress. We just saw the list of Flyers' scratches for tonight's game... They have seven guys missing from the lineup, all injured. It makes me wonder if the Phantoms wil be sending any more reinforcements to the big club any time soon. I checked's transactions page a little while ago, and so far it doesn't appear that we have any additional guys called up. However, we'll see if that remains true after tonight's games are over.

As I sit here looking at a spinning Norfolk Admirals logo on the laptop screen, I am thinking about how much I miss the pregame coverage that the Phantoms used to have on their gamecasts. We used to have pregame (recorded) interviews with the coach and some info on injuries and callups.

Ah, here we go. On the screen, the Ads are being introduced, but since I have the Philly audio (yay), I get to listen to info about our team.

On the first line we have Ross/Kane, and Sirianni will replace Giroux, who is called up. Matsumoto will have Nodl and Maroon. Guenin, Laliberte, and Hersley are all injured and did not make the trip Munroe will be our starting goaltender tonight.

I can see from the video of the anthem singer that our audio is just a tiny bit out of sync with the video. The audio is actually a few moments ahead of the video. That can make life a little interesting when you're hearing a call being made for a play that you haven't quite seen yet.

Clackson and Szwez are with Raduns for the opening faceoff. I couldn't see who the D were. I think it's Ratchuk and Curry.

The start of the game was delayed a bit by one or more of the officals' late arrival. I'm glad we were told that, because I was wondering why a game that I could have sworn was to start at 7 PM was beginning closer to 7:30. At least I know I'm not losing my memory. ;)

No call on Segal when he shoved our guy down from behind. He proceeded to carry the puck into the Phantoms' end and score. Cuss words... So now both the Flyers and Phantoms trail 1-0.

And here we go, soon after that, the Phantoms get the game's first penalty. Bellamy will go. His linemates are Klotz and Ryan, btw. We had some issues with the Ads' PP last week, so here's hoping we get our rears in gear for the next couple of minutes. Nodl is out for the first PK unit, along with Raduns, Bartulis, and (can't see whom).

Blast. I saw Munroe make the save, but the puck was deflected on up him. When it came in at the unexpected angle, he left a rebound which Norfolk put in. 2-0 Norfolk.

We're doing some good things with the shift that immediately followed the goal-against, creating some scoring chances. We didn't reduce the two-goal gap any, but coming out with energy is never the wrong thing to do.

You know, I am getting frustrated with the sight of opponents camping out eternallly in our end. It was a problem in the game vs. Norfolk a week ago, and it's turnng into a problem again even as I type. It doesn't help us to clear the puck when things happen like Boyd Kane's getting hauled down without anything getting called.

At the stoppage of play, Paddock called the ref over to show him some sort of injury on Kane's face. The officials are apparently calling a belated penalty, WAY after the fact. Surprise -- we actually are on a PP after all. GAH and we hit the post. Whoa -- it's a DOUBLE minor for high-sticking. I'm glad the ref listened. (Kane is getting glued back together now by our trainer.) Matsumoto and Nodl are making life interesting for Norfolk -- it was Matsy who hit the post moments ago, and then both of them got some nice shots on goal. McKenna has been up to the task of making the requisite saves, however.

Now Kane has apparently been repaired enough to return to the ice, as he's out there with Ross, Sirianni, Ratchuk, and Curry. I didn't realize it, but we have not scored a PP goal in four games. Blah, not what I wanted to hear. Time to break THAT slump. We've gone 0-for-23 since then.

I like that we are getting a lot of chances here, but I'm not pleased that we keep getting interrupted by Ads clearing the puck out. Eventually, Norfolk killed the double minor. But we did make the goaltender freeze the puck, so we are getting an offensive-zone draw. Unfortunately, that only will help us if we can win the draw and keep it in the zone. That's not how it panned out, and Munroe had to be sharp to keep the puck out.

Matsumoto's line is creating chances again tonight, this time at even strength. Meanwhile, Downie's line has been giving us aggravation tonght, which doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

Boy, this ref is letting EVERYTHING go. At least he's being even-handed about it. I just saw one of our guys get hauled down, followed seconds later by having an Admiral hauled down, and in neither case did the ref's arm go up. I guess as long as he calls the game the same way for both teams, and stays consistent throughout the game, the players will know what they can and can't do.

There goes the horn to end the period. We are trailing 2-0 on the scoreboard, and we haven't had an announcement of the shots-on-goal totals at the moment.

Here's to a better second and third period for us!

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