Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe

Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe
The final pro hockey game at the Spectrum has been played.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Phantoms at Norfolk Admirals 12-27-08: Third Period

We have started this period with an early PP. So far, we haven't gotten a lot done, though we did come close to giving up a shorthanded goal. (Eeeeee. My nerves.) The trouble is, we have been stymied frequently by Admirals who are picking off or blocking passes and shots, and clearing the puck out. I would love to know what has changed over the past few games, that our PP has gone from one of the most effective in the league to one that has such difficulty keeping the puck in the zone.

The penalty has expired. Ross's line created some more scoring opportunities, but so far, we're still looking for Goal Number Two.

SAVE, MUNROE, holy cow was that one a close call. Nice job, Muny.

Sirianni gets sprung on a clean breakaway by Ross -- Nice shot, but even nicer save. McKenna had the rebound sitting unattended to his right for a few moments; then he located and pounced on it.Darn puck was trying to creep into the net, too, but unfortunately it had nowhere near enough momentum to take it all the way in before the goalie froze it. Nice play by our guys, though -- that's the sort of head's up play that we need to see more of to snap out of this slump we've gotten into recently.

Raduns and Szwez are giving the Admirals fits right now. Multiple attempts all had answers, but still, I like to see us get some sustained pressure on the other team. Such things have been conspicuous by their absence in recent games.

Blast it all. Downie brings down the rain of headgear. 7-1 Admirals. As we wait for the hats to be cleared from the ice, on my TV I see that the Flyers dropped their game in Columbus 3-0. Did I mention that this has not been a great weekend for Philly hockey fans? [mumble grumble]

Sirianni, Matsumoto, and Klots are out -- and this is why we have to get the puck on net at all times -- McKenna lost track of the puck in the mad scramble, and it's possible that Klotz scored his first pro goal. Matsumoto picked up the puck for him. :) Klotz is, in fact, credited with the goal. Sirianni got his first point as a Phantom. (On watching the replay, it's possible that Matsumoto ought to have credit for the goal, but hey -- if he knows he touched the puck last and is keeping quiet, that's what I call being a good teammate.)

Downie, meanwhile, just clanged a puck off the post and missed out on a fourth goal. Geesh, that was a close call. (Drat that dratted trade that sent him to dratted Tampa Bay's dratted system.)

We have strung together some nice chances and solid shifts in the final minutes of the game. If only we'd had this level of effectiveness early in the game, maybe the scoreboard wouldn't have such nasty-looking numbers on it. The Admirals have set a season high for SOG against the Phantoms... Previously, we gave up 46 shots vs. Providence.

There's the final horn. Game over, and the final score is 7-2. We have one more game remaining in the year, so we do have the chance to close out 2008 with a win. However, tonight, we are going to fall in the standings behind the two teams that prior to this game, were trailing us by one point.

The stars of the game were all Admirals, not surprisingly -- Lunon, Potulny (Grant, the brother of our former player Ryan), and Downie.

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