Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe

Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe
The final pro hockey game at the Spectrum has been played.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Phantoms at Norfolk Admirals 12-27-08: Second Period

Unfortunately, the second period started the way the first period (and most of last night's game) ended. We were in the process of creating some offense when we got called for goaltender interference Before the first two minutes of the period were over, we gave up yet another goal and are currently trailing 3-0. As are the Flyers, btw -- it has not been a good two days for either of our teams.

Oh, for Pete's sakes, make that 4-0. Downie put in another PP goal, as we were called for tripping almost immediately after giving up the previous PP goal.

It's been a frustrating couple of days for this hockey fan. The Phantoms and Flyers both lost by four goals last night (4-0 and 5-1, respectively), and now both teams are trailing by at least three goals in their respective games. Presume that unprintable opnions have been expressed in ths neck of the woods.

Here we go once again onto the PK. It's another tripping call. The ref had already blown the whistle, so when the puck went into the net the "goal" was waved off, but in the meantime, here we go back into the Land of Playng Shorthanded.

Munroe starts off with a nice save. Here comes yet another defensive-zone draw. Raduns is hounding the puck carrier, and while he's playing keep-away, time is ticking off the clock. We haven't cleared the puck yet -- our only breaks from defending have been coming when Munroe freezes the puck. But we're keeping Admirals who have the puck dodging the attack of our PKers, which does take away from the time they spend making actual plays. Finally, we bat the dratted disk out. Downie took up residence at our crease and did his utmost to bat in the puck once Norfolk brought it back in, but fortunately, his efforts came to naught. I think this team owes Munroe a dinner for the way he's killing this penalty.

FINALLY. Even strength, hallelujah. Now we're actually giving McKenna something to do, something that hasn't happened a lot in this period so far as we've spent too darn much of it shorthanded.

Raduns, Szwez, and Clackson are out now. Clackson and Downie are having a few words and exchanging shoves, but there's no sign that an actual fight is on the way. I'm slightly surprised, given that those two guys rumbled during training camp a few times, but I"m sure Downie realizes that he helps his team more on the ice then he does in the penalty box.

Ugh, we just heard the numbers on the shot clock: we are being outshot 30-12. In this period alone we have been outshot 18-3. Dang.

AAA, we just got a small flurry of chances right on McKenna's doorstep, but unfortunately the darn puck remained out. However, if we get a few more of THOSE sequences, we'll increase the odds of putting something on the scoreboard besides shots and penalties]

Speaking of scoreboards, unfortunately, Rosehill just went to retrieve a puck that had been dumped into the Phantoms' end, tried to pass it out and it went off Patrick Maroon and into the Phantoms net. 5-0, Bad Guys Geesh, even the doggoned flukes and bounces don't want to cooperate.

However, we shall see what comes of the PP that we've just been awarded on the shift that followed that goal. Kane's shot on goal was saved by McKenna, and the rebound bounced up and landed atop the Norfolk net. (Now, see, when the bounces are workng your way, that kind of rebound goes over the goalie and in. But I digress.) We're getting some chances in this PP, which is certainly more than I can say about some of last night's sessions with a man advantage.

Hooray, Matsumoto shot a strange one in that changed directions on McKenna, and pinged into the net off the post. Yay, there goes the scoreless drought and there goes our PP power outage, in one fell swoop. 5-1, Norfolk. Thank you, Matsy. DeSantis and Syvret assisted on the goal.

Eeeek, DeSantis fanned on the puck trying to clear it out, it got picked off by an Admiral who fed Gratton for a shot, but Munroe was right there to make the stop. These are the kinds of sequence that make bloggers' blood pressure spike. ;)

Unfortunately, one round trip to and from the Norfolk end later, Munroe made a stop at the left post, only to see an Admiral take the puck around behind the net to attempt a stuff-in. Three Phantoms skaters hurried to cover the open post, only to have the puck shot at them and pinball into the net off one of them. Downie was credited with his second oal of the nght. 6-1 Admirals and the period has less than half a minute remaining in it.

There we go. Period over. Argh, the aggravation. The only positive that we have so far is that we actually managed to light the lap one time. Otherwise, we were massively outshot, not to mention outscored, in this frame. Good grief, the agita. We had better come out FLYING in the third period, if only to give the Admirals somethng to remember us by until we see them again next year.

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