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Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Phantoms vs. Binghamton Senators 12-17-08: Third Period

In the first minute of the third period, we had one Senator (44) get nailed by a shot on goal. The puck went waaaay up in the air, and the Bingo player was flat on the ice. Fortunately, the trainer was able to get him back on his feet and he didn't appear to be too much the worse for wear, after a bit of recovery time.

However, on the same stoppage of play, it was announced that the Senators had drawn a penalty for high-sticking. That's the good news. The gad news is that with fifteen seconds remaining in the man advantage, we have yet to get a puck on net. We did manage to get a couple of shots on goal once the penalty was over, however... And for whatever reason, when a Senator defender in the crease cross-checked one of our guys practically in the face, Bingo did not end up right back on the PK. Well, whatever -- as long as the ref is equally lenient to both teams, then I'd just as soon let the players control the flow of the game and not the officials.

Ha, Raduns returned the favor in front of our net, applying a two-hander just below a Senator's nameplate and sending him sprawling. Again, no call.

However, when the Phantoms broke out of our zone, Yablonski of Bingo got called for hooking, so evidently the ref is not going to just let everything go. With 14 minutes left and the Phantoms on the PP, the SOG are Phantoms 14, Senators 23.

Drat it all -- Again. the Senators got out of their zone shorthanded. Ratchuk showed a nice burst of speed catching up to the Senator. When all was said and done, with ten seconds left in the Senators' penalty, they took another one for slashing. So we will have ten seconds of a two-man advantage before resuming 5-on-4 play.

I can see that the two-man advantage will come to nothing, as the Sens cleared the puck the length of the ice. However, we're back on the offense again with a minute remaining in the current PP. We are having a few defensive miscues here and there, permitting the darned Senators to get out of their zone, but luckily we have been able to prevent additional damage being done while Bingo is shorthanded.

With 31 seconds left in our PP, Binghamton got called for tripping. The Phantoms called a 30-second timeout -- a good idea, given how ineffective-looking our PPs have been for most of this game. For a team that's normally got a lethal PP, I expect us to garner more opportunities than we've been doing in this game. Ah, now that's more like it. Syvret blasted one from the top of the slot, and Ross and Kane were by the net looking to swat at rebounds. A goalmouth scramble ensued. We won the faceoff that came out of the goalie freezing the puck, and Syvret and Jones were instrumental in making sure the puck remained in the zone. Unfortunately, all we have to show for all that time on the man advantage so far is five shots on goal, plus we allowed two pucks to reach Teslak in the interim.

Teslak just made a nice stop on a shot that came his way after a LONG gap between Binghamton SOG. Due to the string of Binghamton penalties, we have spent most of this period at the other end of the ice.

Tonight, we have seven D, which has been the norm rather than the exception during the past few weeks. Bartulis, Ratchuk, Jones, Guenin, DeSantis, Syvret, and Curry are our D.

With 3:12 left, I can see Shawn Hill in the tunnel with the list of Stars of the Game. I have a feeling that with the game still undecided, there are a few conditional choices on there (like "GWG scorer", for example). I remember a game a few seasons ago which wound up going into OT. The Emcees usually try to hold the list so that no one can read them in advance of the announcement of the stars, but that night, the list said "#1 winning goal scorer, #2 winning goalie, #3 losing goalie". Can you tell that contest was a goalie duel? :)

THIS game has had its share of heroics between the pipes, as well, particularly from Teslak who has stopped 30 of 32 with 1:46 left to play. I'm very pleased to see him playing like this, especially since he has hardly seen any ice time since his arrival to back up Munroe. I think the only game he got into was that Hershey blowout a few weeks ago, and even then he didn't start the game -- he came in in relief. In my mind, I see Teslak as belonging among the stars of this game if all goes well.

I'm also pleased with Jones's first game back after having hip surgery in the fall. I'm glad they decided to let him do a rehab stint down here, so he can get his game legs back and make sure his conditioning is up to par.

We are about to go into OT -- the SOG at the end if the third period are Phantoms 22, Senators 32.

Our first OT grouping is Ross, Giroux, Syvret, and Guenin. And Teslak made a NICE NICE NICE glove save on a bomb from the blue line. Oh, yeah, that's what I like to see. :)

Faceoff -- and it's Matsumoto and Kalinski with Bartulis and Jones. It looks a little unusual to see Jones with a shield on now, as I'm used to seeing him on the Flyers without one. Of course, if I had my way, all players would wear eye protection.

MATSUMOTO GETS A BREAKAWAY -- dang, has he ever got wheels. :) Unfortunately, Elliott has an answer for the puck sent his way, and the game remains tied.

Kalinski remains out, but Raduns replaces Matsumoto on the next shift. We won the faceoff and SCOOOOOORE -- Raduns tips it in! NICE!

Stars of the game:

#3: Bois (Binghamton)
#2: Giroux
#1 Raduns (GWG scorer -- see what I mean? :) )

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