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Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe
The final pro hockey game at the Spectrum has been played.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Phantoms vs. Binghamton 12-06-08: First Period

D'Amour, who was scratched last night, is in the lineup tonight. Scott Munroe is starting for the second consecutive night. That leads me to believe that Teslak is likely to start the game tomorrow night in Wilkes-Barre. But we shall see.

The rest of our starting lineup is comprised of Guenin, Syvret, Ross, Kane, and Giroux.

Wow... The first shift of the game ended with a whistle stopping play for something you RARELY, if ever, see aymore. Players were battling with one another along the boards for the puck, and it was pinned to the dashers by a myriad of skates. I can't even remember the last time I saw play stopped under those circumstances instead of seeing the ref tell the players to move the puck

On the second shift of the game, the puck was pinned at our boards, instead of behind the Bingo net... and there goes another whistle, this time because Jason DeSantis was being called for holding. So there goes our first PK of the game. Kane and Kalinski are on the ice with Syvret and Guenin. The next PK forward pairing is Ross/Giroux.They proceeded to break out and attempt a shot (that didn't reach the net, apparently, since it's not counted on the shot clock). Then they picked off a Sens pass, which nearly allowed them to garner another shorthanded scoring chance. Kane and Kalinski did manage to pick up a SH scoring opportunity.

Back at even strength, Bellamy and Szwz are out with Ross, Curry, and Ratchuk.

I have yet to see Gratton's line on the ice long enough for me to pin down which other forwards are out with him. This time, instead of DeSantis going to the sin bin, it's Gratton. However, within seconds, Ross/Giroux broke in on Bingo's net, causing a Senator to blatantly trip Ross. IMO, that could have been a penalty shot, but instead we got a tripping call out of the deal and we are at 4 on 4. Laliberte and Matsumoto are out with Guenin and Syvret. Matsy make some nice maneuvers to get all the way down to a position near Bingo's net, but somehow the puck got centered to nobody and headed all the way down to our end. Munroe came WAY out to the top of the slot to fire it back to our guys, and we tried again. Round Two of "Let's try to score on the Sens" earned us 23 seconds' worth of 5-on-3 PP, followed by whatever will be left on #3's penalty if we don't score.

YEAH -- we put the puck in while it's 5-on4, and 1:34 was left on our PP. Great job, guys! That was Maroon, assisted by Ross and Syvret. We also took the lead on the shot clock with that goal -- we're now outshooting Bingo 6-5.

Bellamy and Szwez are out with Matsumoto now, earning us an offensive-zone faceoff. Oh, and now I can see that Gratton is with Kalinski and Clackson, the same line as last night.

Ratchuk is out with Curry, and Ross's line is on the ice. We're doing a good job of breaking up Binghamton's rushes in the neutral zone. We look like we're playing the same style now as we did toward the end of last night's game, where we were clogging up the ice so Hartford couldn't get past our blue line.

GEESH, Laliberte just took some damage in the corner -- no penalty appears to be getting called, but hes spitting out blood. Ouch, poor guy. He and the trainer headed up the tunnel.

NOW a Senator is headed into the box for high-sticking, a few seconds' worth of play later.

Kane, Giroux, and Ross go out with Syvret and DeSantis. And with 52 seconds left on the PP, we increase the lead to 2-0! :) This time, it's Ross from Maroon and DeSantis. (That's TWICE I didn't notice when Maroon came on for Giroux. The other time, it was Maroon's goal. Then again, as long as our boys are giving us goals to notice, I won't worry about seeing one guy come on in place of another. )

SOG at the time of our second goal: Phantoms 8, Sens 5. So we scored twice on three shots.

Boy, it's nice to see the Phantoms set up camp in front of the opposing net for most of a period. We really came out with a lot of jump tonight, and I like it. BIngo just got into our zone, but never got past the ads n the ice before we picked off the puck and headed back to their end and potted an even-strength goal. NICE. JEff Szwez scores, assisted by Matsumoto and Maroon (who's had a three-point first period.)

Jeff Glass, Bingo's starting goalie, has been replaced by Brian Elliot. SOG are Phantoms 12, Binghamton 6, with just under five minutes remaining in the period.

The goaie change appears to have jump-started Binghamton somewhat, as they actually made it down into our end and were tryng to set up. However, play was abruptly halted when a Senator, Regin, collided with one of our guys from behind. I'm still not sure what he did to himself -- I'm thnking maybe he managed to get hit by the butt end of our player's stick -- but he went down to the ice hard. The trainer came out, and he got up after a little while, but no penalties were called for what was, esentially, an accident at the worst.

However, to make a long story less long, Gratton was called for elbowing down at the Sens' end, and about a minute later, we wound up with a 5-on-3 PK. NOW the Sens got their seventh shot on goal, with 1:30 left in the period. BTW, here's a familiar phrase: "Guenin blocked a shot". :)

Crapola. With five seconds remaining in the 5-on-3, Binghamton scored. So Matsumoto is still in the box. Crapola again, because we are at 5 on 4 wit Kane and Kalinski, Bartulis and Curry out and Kane's stick broke. What cruddy timing for that. Fortunately, Munroe froze the puck and we were able to get a line change.

The first period is over -- the score is 3-1, Phantoms. SOG Phantoms 12, Senators 9.

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