Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe

Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe
The final pro hockey game at the Spectrum has been played.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Phantoms vs. Wilkes-Berre/Scranton Penguins 12-14-08: First Period

Scratches: Aubin, Klotz, Gratton, Beaulieu, Hersley

Startng Lineup: Munroe, Guenin, Syvret, Ross, Giroux, Kane

OMG -- a pump video! The first time all season that we've had one at the Spectrum!

Our second line, after the starters, was Matsumoto, Maroon, Laliberte. We have seven D dressed: Bartulis, D'Amour, Ratchuk, Guenin, DeSantis, Syvret, Curry.

Next up, Raduns, Szwez, Clackson. Then Bellamy, Kalinski, Matsumoto (presumably, these two are the extra forwards for the night, as they're being double-shifted with Matsumoto right now.

The Phantoms will now get the first PP with 15:58 remaining in the period and the SOG Phantoms 3, Penguiins 2.

Our first PP unit consists of Girous, Ross, Kane, Syvret, DeSantis. Ross is crashing the net, but the Pens' Curry didn't gie up a rebound. Instead he froze the puck. With 54 seconds remaining in the PP, we went to a two-man PP. Now its time for us to draw first blood. We've had success on the powerplay vs. The Pens this season, so let's do it. Lalbierte, Matsumoto, and Maroon were out with Ratchuk and Curry, followed by Ross's line with Syvret and DeSantis at the next stoppage.

Long story short: we got a ton of shots during that extended PP, but no goal. SOG are now Phantoms 8, Pens 2. Raduns, Clackson, and Szwez came out with Bartulis and D'Amour upon our return to even strength. They're our energy line, and they did create some energy (pus another shot on goal).

This could have been good -- The Pens' Curry juggled the puck when Matsumoto shot it. However, he did manage to get the disk in his mitt before it bouned to the ice, so there was no rebound for Matsy to swat home.

With 9:24 left in the first, SOG: Phantoms 11, Pens 2.

Other than having a lot of opportunities to shoot on net, not much else is going on yet in the game. I like the fact that we have spent the vast majority of the period camped in front of Curry. Oh, NICE check by Clackson, who buried a Penguin behind the W-B net. This was followed by an even nicer poke check from behid by Bartulis, as Jaffrey was breaking in on our goal. One moment he was lining up the cross hairs, the next moment he was skating forward while the puck was moving backward. :) Great shift, guys!

Oh, MAN. There was just an extended scramble in front of our net. Matsumoto's line was battling with the Pens, and the rotten puck wasn't cooperating with them Then again, it wasn't settling down for the Pens either, so maybe it's NOT such a rotten puck. Finally, after a good ten seconds of duelling for it, Matsumoto came up with it and air-dumped the thing halfway to New Jersey. In all that scrambling around, the Pens only got one shot on goal.

We're about to go on some 4 on 4 after a ten-skater scrum at the Zamboni door. There's 5:05 is left in the first period. Ross, Giroux, Syvret, and Guenin are out.

Syvret deflected a shot on our goal, which is good. The bad part is it went right to the OTHER Pen, who was breaking in on our goal. Luckily, the puck stayed airborne long enough that the Pen couldn't really do a whole lot with it. His attempt on our net went wide. Then Kane and Matsumoto, our two forwards, led the rush back to the Pens' end. SCOOOORE -- Matsumoto fed Kane for a goal! :) 1-0 Phatoms!

Kane is back out again, this time with Ross and Giroux, trying to double that lead. This time, it was Giroux ho was stationed at the post looking for rebounds. One thing I've noticed about this line is that ALL of them take turns setting themselves up at the post -- it's not just one or another that stands there, taking abuse and looking for loose pucks.

With 44.3 seconds left, the Phantoms are getting sent to a PK. Matsumoto is sitting. Giroux and Ross are out with Syvret and Guenn.

I would say that Paddock has some issues with the call on Matsumoto. When the period finished, he, Kane, and the referee conferred for a minute or two at our bench.

Then Scott Hartnell came out to lead the Glove and Mitten Toss. :)

The SOG at the end of the period are Phantoms 14, Penguins 8. We will have 1:16 left of penalty time to kill off at the start of the second period.

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