Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe

Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe
The final pro hockey game at the Spectrum has been played.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Phantoms at Lowell, Second Period

We've got some back-and-forth action going in the first three minutes of the second period. Jason DeSantis made a nice play to break up a pass when Lowell got a 2-on-1. I'm not particularly happy because we seem to be spending more time on defense in our own end, as opposed to being on the attack.

However, even as I type this, we get a PP. It would have been nice to see us turn the tide in our favor with the man advantage, but no such luck this time around. Now were back at even strength, and we're right back in front of Aubin for a spell. Ratchuk made a nice play to block a shot, then clear the puck.

Gratton buries a Lowell player, but later in the same shift he gets nailed by another Devil in retaliation. No fights have broken out so far, but both teams have proven that they're willing to throw the body.

OH, darn it, with about 12 minutes to go in the period, we just had a huge offensive flurry; however, the combination of Caruso's circus saves and the crossbar kept the game scoreless. Rats, that was easily our best opportunity of the game so far.

MAROON scores! The Phantoms got a 3-on-2 going and it appears that Maroon managed to get his shot to deflect off a Devil's stick. Assists are from Downie and Syvret. Downie is an absolute assist-generating machine this year. :) Moments after the ensuing center-ice faceoff, the Phantoms got a PP.

Downie and Syvret are also on our first PP shift. Giroux sped right between two Devils to get the puck to Downie -- how he didn't lose the puck on that high-risk maneuver, I don't know. Unfortunately, all that effort wound up with Caruso making the save and freezing the puck for a faceoff.

We're at even strength and darn if the Lowell audio hasnt gone to commercial even though play is in progress. GRRR... fortunately, nothing especially significant happened.

Now one of the Devils tries to split our D. The three of them end up making contact, the Devil takes a spill, and we end up shorthanded. What a pity the Lowell telecast doesn't do replays, because I'd like to have seen that play again.

The Devils are passing a lot, but they're not making a lot of attempt to direct the puck onto the net. Finally, Hersley snares a the puck and clears it.

Now it's our turn to spend the final minute of the period in Lowell's end, ad SCORE! ROSS scores with exactly two seconds remaning in the period. NICE WORK, gents. This is the result of bearing down and continuing to battle until the horn sounds. That approach just earned us a 2-goal lead.

The announcers are mentioning that Lowell's Caruso is their newly-appointed starting goalie, after Scott Clemmensen was called up to NJ for the next 3-4 months due to Martin Brodeur's injury.

Incidentally, the intermission Chuck-a-Puck looks like it has garnered a generous number of participants, no matter that there are not a lot of people in the stands. I'm not sure what the prize is for chuck-a-puck in Lowell, but whatever it is, it's apparently popular.

SOG at the end of the second period: Phantoms 27, Lowell 19.

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