Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe

Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe
The final pro hockey game at the Spectrum has been played.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Phantoms win in Manchester in Shootout, 3-2

I just got home and checked the box score of tonight's Phantoms game in Manchester. Even with the absence of Steve Downie, we managed to eke out enough scoring to win in a shootout, 3-2. Here are some (admittedly slightly belated) Pregame Press Notes. I'd have liked to post them sooner, but I've been battling Computer Gremlins for a large part of the day.

Here is the box score of the game from the AHL site.

Both the goals we scored in regulation time came on the PP. I'm pleased to see that we're continuing to make teams regret taking penalties against us. With the way that some officials call, shall we say, a generous number of infractions per game, being able to capitalize on the powerplay will make the difference between wins and losses. (So will the ability to kill penalties successfully, which we've also been doing well of late.)

I don't think we're getting any players back from the Downie trade. We traded a Flyers defenseman plus Downie for another defenseman, whom I presume will be going to the Flyers. All I can say is that now the Flyers have one less than the maximum number of contracts allowed (50), because we gave up two players and got one back.

I see Marty Murray is still with the Monarchs. Now THERE'S a player I wish we could get back. The Flyers lost him on waivers a couple seasons ago when we tried to call him up. He was excellent as a Phantom and boy, did losing him from our lineup hurt. Darn LA for claiming him, then sending him down.

Oh, speaking of people getting sent down, I sincerely hope that Downie remains with the Tampa Bay parent club. I want this both for Downie's sake, and for the Phantoms' sake as well. If the Bolts send him to their farm team, he'll be in Norfolk, which is one of our divisional rivals. The LAST thing we need to see is a guy who's a freaking scoring/assisting machine at the AHL level in Norfolk, tearing it up all season long. I'm gonna want to HURT SOMEBODY if that happens, mark my words.

The game recap hasn't been posted yet. I'll be back to provide a link to it when it becomes available.

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