Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe

Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe
The final pro hockey game at the Spectrum has been played.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Phantoms vs. Bears 11-21-08: Third Period

As I suspected, J-S Aubin was at the head of the line when the team came back out onto the ice. We still have 1:24 of penalty tine left to kill. We have Raduns, Beaulieu, Guenin, and Syvret on the ice. Nice to see Beau back on special teams in what amounts to only his second Real Game of the season. Heck, it's nice to see him back, period; he plays a hard-nosed game, he's a willing fighter when the need arises, and we can use his physical presence out there.

Aaaand SURPRISE. The scoreboard suddenly turned itself off. Fortunately, they were able to use the time spent resetting the clock to give us a Flyers update. The Flyers are in Buffalo, and they lead the game 1-0 in the second period. Man, I don't know what it is that this freaking board seems to wig out when the Bears are here. Yes, we see them more often than any other team so the odds favor heir being the team thst witnesses our Clock Gremlins. But holy cow, they are going to think that the clock has a fainting spell in every freaking game. That's not the case... it only seems to flake out when the Bears are here (and when we have precipitation, but SSSHHH. Don't let on).

We had a GIANT scrum in front of Hershey's net, but the darn puck stayed out. Phooey. It certainly wasn't for lack of trying on our part.

Away goes the clock yet again. Keith Jones announced that there's 10:28 remaining in the period at the time of a faceoff. While the teams are battling for position in front of Aubin, I can see the clock gradually reviving itself, stat by stat, as the timekeepers bust their collective butts to reset everything.

Aubin looks determined out there. It's not just that he's making stops, but he's just got a demeanor right now that I like to see. It's like the saves have a "So THERE!" appended to them. I hope he keeps that up, as it'll be the perfect antidote to the couple of recent rough outings he had.

Matsumoto clanged a puck off the iron, LOUDLY. The clock is out of whack again for a third time. Keith Jones is announcing the time when there are faceoffs, at the thirty-scond marks, and when there's an even minute amount remaining.

It's the final minute, and though we ended the game with the ref's arm up for a delayed penalty, there wasn't enough time for us to actually do anything with it.

SOG Phantoms 32, Bears 35.

Stars of the game: #3 DeSantis, #2 Mink(Hershey) , #1 Wilson(Hershey).

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