Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe

Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe
The final pro hockey game at the Spectrum has been played.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Phantoms vs. Bears: 3rd period and OT

Argh..Syvret blocked a shot, followed hy a Bear falling backward onto him, then limped up the tunnetwith the trainer in tow. Fortunately, he soon made his way back to the bench.

Aubin made a superb stop going left-to-right! He's also getting back up from butterfly splits very quickly.

We had better make good on this extended PP, during which we'll have 11 seconds of5 on 3.

Ah, phooey. Well before the PP ended, we got a penalty of our own. So we're playing 4-on-4, and now it's a case of dueling goalies, with some really nice stops happening at both ends of the ice.

Shoot. An impressive defensive sequence on our part eventually ended up in our net, largely because we didn't clear the puck soon enough. 3-1 Phantoms. SOG Phantoms 27, Bears 24.

Crud! 5 minutes later, the same thing happened, from the long time spent defending to the same guy scoring on us. Hershey has accrued about a shot per minute so far this period (15 and counting). NOT what I wanted to see happen in this frame.

2:36 left in the 3rd. SOG Phantoms 29, Bears 30. Hershey is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at our net. And if they could figure out how to send an equipment guy to Lowe's to buy a kitchen sink, and get him back here with it before the game's over, they'd be throwing THAT at our net as well.

Oh, the self-control it takes to keep this paragraph rated G. Hershey ties it with 1:57 left. Same problem. Same result.

SOG at end of 3rd: Phantoms 29 (still!), Bears 34. Hershey had 21!!! shots in the 3rd.

OT: We end up right back in our zone almost immediately. Fortunately, we got it down to Hershey's end for a shot and an offensive zone draw.

1:57 left: SOG Phantoms 33, Bears 34. Hershey T/O.

Come on, Phantoms, do something good. I LOATHE shootouts!

Hershey seems to WANT a shootout; they got the puck in the final minute, and just stickhandled around playing keep-away instead of regrouping and trying to win the game outright in OT.

Shootout results:
P19 no H18 yes
P10 yes H36 no
P16 yes H22 no
P28 no H12 no
P11 no H11 yes
P16 yes H12 no

3 Maroon
2 Osala
1 Laliberte

That would be the two guys who scored a pair of goals (Laliberte and Osala), and the guy whose goal won the shootout (Maroon).

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