Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe

Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe
The final pro hockey game at the Spectrum has been played.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Phantoms at Norfolk: Second Period

I didn't hear an announcement of the scratches, but I missed the very start of the cybercast, so it could possibly have been given then. In any event, missing from tonight's box score are Teslak, Laliberte, Klotz, Beaulieu, and Henley.

As the second period begins, an early penalty is assessed, but nobody can seem to figure out whom it's on. We know it's hooking on someone, but it's not apparently obvious who the culprit is. Oddly enough, Norfolk had the puck when the whistle blew, but the penalty is on the Phantoms. Kalinski sits, after being retrieved from the bench by a linesman.

I like how we are effectively breaking up most of Norfolk's PP opportunities before they are able to set up and get anything going. I think the Admirals got a grand total of one shot on goal in the entire man advantage.

We're back at even strength now, and though we can't seem to get the heck out of our end, Norfolk is either shooting wide or Munroe has an answer for their attempts. Now, finally, after a couple of defensive-zone draws, we're trying to set up in Norfolk's end and get something done. We're six minutes or so into the period and we just got our first shot on goal. It, and the one that immediately followed it, were nice chances, but Ramo kept them out. Now it's our turn to make him freeze the puck and withstand faceoffs in HIS end.

SCORE -- Bellamy scores on a 2-on-1 with Steve Downie. Boy, every time Downie's on the ice, it seems like we end up with a scoring chance. Good work on that shift. Bartulis has the secondary assist. Oh, and speaking of secondary assists, it appears that the one on our first goal was changed. Now our first goal came on the PP from Giroux, assisted by Downie and Syvret, and our second goal was by Bellamy, assisted by Downie and Bartulis.

And yet again, Downie is on the ice and what's he doing? Hovering around the net making a pest of himself and getting opportunities.

With about 9:30 remaining in the second period, Guenin goes off and we are on the PK. This time, Norfolk is set up pretty well and we aren't managing to clear it out. We did, however, just block a shot on goal. Finally, we got it to squeak out of the zone at the point, and Norfolk has had some issues getting set back up. We're intercepting passes, clearing the puck, and even trying to spring Ross for shorthanded rushes. Norfolk eventually got only one shot on that PP, so even though they were set up early and cycling, we kept it away from our net pretty effectively. That's good to see.

Now it's our turn for a PP. Unfortunately, we're not doing a whole lot with this opportunity. However, another penalty to Norfolk gives us 15 seconds of 5-on-3 advantage. And oh, blah, we give up a SH break and freaking Norfolk capitalizes on it. Well, we have enough PP time remaining that we can make that up if we play our cards right. AND WE DO, Kalinski gets that goal right back. NICE. Ross to Downie (AGAIN) to Kalinski. That's Downie's third assist. Did I mention that every time Downie's on the ice, scoring opportunities arise? That was Kalinski's first professional goal.

Our PP has really, really gotten going in the past few games. We went from looking a right mess in our first few games (with or without a man advantage) to being decidedly dangerous on the powerplay. I couldn't be more pleased.

Side note, the Phillies just scored a go-ahead run, and almost EXACTLY at that moment in the Phantoms cybercast, the Phantoms came inches from putting another goal in. My cats already have baseball wings after the Phillies took the lead in their game -- had the Phantoms scored at the same time, the cats would probably be in hiding for the rest of the week. ;) Ahem... Where was I? Oh, yes. Phantoms game. Right. :) The second period ended just now, so I have time to get my wits together. ;)

Our announcer just mentioned something I hadn't noticed: all three of our goal-scorers tonight have been rookies.

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