Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe

Click the banner below to see "The Final Countdown" video by Europe
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Phantoms at Norfolk: Third Period and OT

We had a little glitch in our connection near the end of the second intermission. By the time I got the cybercast going again, the period had begun.

Oh, great, now all we see is an Admirals logo. GRRR... Go away Gremlins, I want to see this game!

We get a picture back in time to see the Phantoms going on the PP. Henley's sitting for elbowing. Whoops, I typed too soon. Six seconds into the PP, Maroon got sent off. Now we're at 4 on 4, and it's time to see if we have gotten our play in gear any better under these circumstances. In our first couple of home games, we really had some issues at 4 on 4.

Oh, hold on. I typed too soon yet again. Now we'll be on a 4-on-3 PK. Good grief. Fortunately, Guenin is one of our D there, and he's mauling a couple Admirals who are trying to get second and third shots in. However, the Ads kept cycling and during their six seconds of 5 on 3, they scored. Heward scored on a PP. No Phantoms fan who remembers our first Cup year will be surprised in the least that he's the one who got the tally. However, this means that we are still killing a penalty, so we still need to be alert.

Back at even strength, we get into Norfolk's end and Downie clangs one off the post.

BLAST. Norfolk scored again. The score is 3-3 with 13 minutes and change remaining. My mood is only partially unsoured by the fact that the Phillies took the lead again in THEIR game. Let's hope the Phils keep it up and the Phantoms get back to dominating the game. Right now, we have not gotten a third-period shot on goal yet.

Bellamy finally took our first shot on goal. The picture on the cybercast keeps freezing up. Fortunately, the audio is mostly all right so I can tell you that we are currently being outshot 11 to 1 in this period. The Admirals came out FLYING to start the third, and besides the PKing we had to do early on, I don't think we were quite prepared for the onslaught. Time for us to go back to what we were doing in the first couple of periods. We were a lot more dominant then.

Meanwhile, the Phillies are about to start the bottom of the 8th inning. We could be three defensive outs away from a World Series win. So I'll be typing with fingers crossed for some good mojo to be going on at the Sports Complex.

MATSUMOTO SCORES a beautiful goal with 4:23 left to go in the third! He was right in front of the net and when the puck went to him, he made NO mistake. Gorgeous. It's exactly the kind of clutch performance we need from our guys. 4-3 Phantoms, to go with the 4-3 Phillies score, and here's praying both those leads hold up. :)

Aah, we get to kill a penalty now. Nothing about this game is coming easily, is it? I'm liking what I can see of our D, when the freaking picture isn't freezing up. Nate Guenin blocked a shot. I swear, he must lead the team in that stat. He's good for at least one block in every game.

Blast it all. We got scored on. It was deflected off one of our own guys to keep it in the zone, and Norfolk scored to tie the game on the ensuing scramble. Time for another clutch performance, I guess. We have 1:01 left in the third period, with a 4-4 score.

Here we go to OT. Boy, I hate giving up a point to a divisional rival, but that third period was murder. Norfolk worked their tails off and earned the tie score. However, now it's time for us to get the same urgency and get some results.

Here's hoping that we look good at 4-on-4, now that it really counts. As I was TRYING to write earlier, before I was interrupted by our getting another penalty, we looked pretty ragged at 4-on-4 in a couple of our early home games. Now when it's the real deal, rather than a special-teams situation, I hope we have our act together.

We're starting well Downie, Kalinski, Curry and Bartulis are out. We got cycling in their zone for a bit before Norfolk managed to clear it. Now it's Kane, Matsumoto, Syvret, Guenin. Soon after, we have Giroux, Ross, Bartulis, and someone I couldn't see. We will have a PP in OT, but per the new rule, the penalty will only last one minute. Interesting.

OH, so close. We nearly ended it on the first shift in the PP, but no dice. Downie also just got STONED by a glove save. *Stoned*, I tell you! One minute left in the OT. I really want us to do something with this rush because I HATE SHOOTOUTS with a PASSION. LOATHE them.

OMG!!! DOWNIE ASSISTS again with 15.3 seconds left in OT! Jared Ross does the honors, and we get out of this game with two points.

Oy, my freaking heart! THANK GOODNESS.

My postgame observations, proofreading, and so on will come AFTER the Phillies game is over.

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